We run regular webinars inviting speakers to come and offer advice and talks on all the latest mental health topics. The great news is they are all completely free, all you have to do is register through Eventbrite to attend.

Our latest webinar saw over 150 people taking part online. Here are visuals of our latest seminar, the “Youth Mental Health” webinar.

We heard from Haleem Clift a mental health campaigner for young people, Ase Greenacre, from MRT Consultants and Claire Williams, from Hamish and Milo, all three speakers have established themselves as authorities in mental health sharing their experiences and how to help people with mental health.

We were joined by people from all over the world from Australia, America, UK, Amsterdam, Ireland, Zimbabwe and a lot more countries. Our webinars are open to anyone who either have a personal interest in mental health and are seeking help, or, for mental health professionals looking to collaborate with other organisations or related groups.

The information you will hear in these webinars could be vital in shaping how you manage your mental health or, helping other people with mental health conditions.

The Mental Health and Wellbeing Show is bringing together people locally and from across the world to help educate people about mental health, this equips people on a pathway to recovery and a better quality of life.

Our Mental Health and Wellbeing Show 2023

Not only do we offer free webinars for you to attend throughout the year, but we also have an annual conference called the Mental Health and Wellbeing Show. Our next show takes place on May 11th 2023.

On the day you will be able to attend many different seminars and listen to keynote speakers. Here are a few well known speakers who are going to be attending the event in 2023.

If you would like to view when our next webinars taker place as well as book a ticket for our upcoming show, click or press the Eventbrite logo / link below.

Contact us

If you would like more information about our online webinars then get in touch. We are happy to provide you with full details of all of our upcoming webinars. Use the contact details below to contact us.

Email: admin@mhwshow.co.uk
Tel: 029 22400382