It is just like Christmas. Before you know it, Valentine’s Day is upon us. So, whether or not you have received a valentine’s day card, or are single, or hitched, whatever the circumstance may be, we would like to wish you all a very happy Valentine’s Day.

Trust Mark stationary were kind enough to send us in some love heart sweets.

So everyone at our office have been easily satisfied. Dean had a love heart that said “Winner” on it, Dawn had one that said “Dream Big”, Kris our Operations Manager had one that said “Keep Winning” and Helen had one that said “Good Vibes Only”. So we are all feeling the positive vibes that valentines day is bringing today.

The importance of positive affirmations

When improving your mental health, it is incredibly important to understand what positive affirmation is. Positive affirmations are what help us overcome negative thoughts from self-doubt or being your own harsh critic. To overcome negative thoughts, it is good to have an affirmation strategy.

An example of an affirmation strategy is to write down five positive things about yourself every day and recite those as much as possible. It has been proven to help those in overcoming negative thoughts and helping improve confidence in people.

Come and learn more at our Mental Health and Wellbeing Show on May 11th 2023

Our annual Mental Health and Wellbeing Show event is only 10 weeks away. We have just given you one tip on how to help your mental health through positive affirmations, however, at our upcoming show there will be even more opportunities to learn more tips on how to further improve your mental health. Here are some of the speakers who will be at our event.

So why not come along on May 11th 2023 at Cardiff City Hall, you may well enjoy the day learning all about how to improve your mental health. Press or click the Eventbrite logo below to book your tickets and we will look forward to seeing you.