It has been recently reported by the National Audit Office that millions of people across the UK are not seeking help from the NHS for mental ill-health. They have also reported that even when people do receive help, they have a poor experience.

The Covid19 pandemic has caused a huge backlog in waiting times, which are likely only going to get worse due to staff shortages in mental health services. There was some light at the end of the tunnel with Whitehall’s spending watchdog praising NHS England for increasing care for people experiencing psychological conditions since 2016.

The report also uncovered that mental health services are under increasing pressure. Under 18’s and LGBTQI+ community, ethnic groups and people with more complex needs are finding the system not up to scratch.

Here are key findings mentioned in the report written by the National Audit Office.

• An estimated 8 million people with mental health needs are not in contact with NHS services.
• There are 1.2 million people waiting for help from community-based mental health services.
• While the mental health workforce grew by 22% between 2016-17 and 2021-22, the NHS recorded a 44% increase in referrals over the same period.
• In 2021-22, 13% of mental health staff – 17,000 people – quit.

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