Courtney Orange

SIT more – Live LESS!

3.00 – 3.45pm


The Sedentary lifestyle is slowly killing us. Heart Diseases, back pains, less blood flow, are just a few elements that are the slowly deteriorating our movement designed human bodies. Courtney Orange, a former 6x Gymnastics Champion & internationally renowned dancer, is an advocate for standing MORE!! 80% of his day (awake), is spent standing up. Society has forced us to sit more and Courtney will teach you, LIFE changing strategies and techniques to sit less and stand more during your day.

KEY Takeaways – The 45 – 5 tactic – Timing your sits – Make standing fun!

About the Speaker

Courtney Orange is a former 6x national gymnastics champion, Commonwealth Games competitor, international street performer and entertainment agency owner. Courtney is now better known as the Wellbeing MOTIVATIONAL Actionologist.

Courtney’s peak positivity attitude and his motto of “You Grow Through What You Go Through,” has seen him POWER through a dream devastating injury, economic rescissions, challenging entertainment contracts, and several adverse obstacles, with grit, determination and a positive mindset.

Courtney’s mission is to assist individuals, groups and organisations in finding their positive confidence, so that they can achieve their peak performance.
This is all done by using some creatively tested and proven action methods, that incorporate interactive activities, to help people understand their values and worth. These motivational methods and peak productivity programs, will inevitably assist in turning plans and thoughts into life changing ACTIONS!!!