Jayne Ellis

Recognising and Responding to Compassion Fatigue, With Jayne Ellis CEO /Founder of EF training

10.45 – 11.30am


‘I’m fine’ tends to be our standard response if anyone asks us how we are, even if we have had a day that has taken us to our limits! Come and join us in this thought-provoking and interactive session to find out why Compassion Fatigue is an occupational hazard, look at the science behind the symptoms, and discover some ways to proactively manage them.


About the Speaker

Jayne has worked in healthcare for over 30 years as a nurse and an educator. She is a published author and regularly speaks at conferences and events on the subject of Compassion Fatigue all over the UK. She founded EF training in 2010 to provide quality evidence-based training and then, five years later, wrote and developed the first course in the UK that proactively addresses the impact of Compassion Fatigue on individuals and organizations. Having experienced compassion fatigue herself, Jayne is acutely aware of the emotional toll that working in any caring role takes from people. She is committed to raising awareness about Compassion Fatigue and is campaigning for emotional health and safety to be seen as having equal status to physical health and safety in every industry across the UK.