Leanne Bird

Wellbeing Oasis or Mirage? Why wellbeing interventions can’t purify the waters alone

3.00 – 3.45pm 


In a time where the competition for talent is fiercer than ever, the quest for attracting and retaining dedicated employees has become a crucial challenge for public bodies, charities, and businesses alike. In this seminar, we’ll expose the mirage of relying on solely superficial offerings, such as company picnics or pool tables, and uncover the blueprint for a genuine wellbeing oasis. This isn’t just about enhancing employee satisfaction; it’s about crafting an environment where your people thrive and genuinely want to stay and grow. Let’s discover together how meaningful, effective strategies can build a robust, loyal, and high-performing team, propelling your organisation towards sustainable success and making it a magnet for talent in today’s competitive landscape.

About the Speaker

As Founder of Kudu, Leanne’s mission is to support businesses across the UK to create a vibrant workplace culture, where top talent is attracted and nurtured, and people are at the heart of growth. With over 15 years in strategic roles and 6 years specializing in workplace wellbeing, Leanne possesses a remarkable ability to holistically assess businesses. She uncovers how internal processes and policies may be impacting employees and consequently influencing a company’s growth and profitability.

Leanne’s ability to develop effective and pragmatic interventions, working with even the most reluctant individuals, leads to measurable improvements in performance, engagement, and retention. As noted by one collaborator, ‘Her ability to effect such positive change underscores her exceptional skills and dedication.’ Another stated, ‘Throughout the process Leanne maintained professionalism, diligence, and sensitivity.’

Leanne’s ethos echoes the wisdom of Nelson Mandela, ‘It always seems impossible until it is done,’ and Mahatma Gandhi, ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world.’