Lea Thomas

Ruth Steggles, Beat Lived Experience Volunteer

Zoe John, Beat Lived Experience Volunteer

Chloe Olds, Beat Lived Experience Volunteer

Jo Whitfield, Beat National Lead Wales

Turning Dreams into Reality


Lea grew up on a council estate north of London surrounded by good people, but money was always tight, and he often found himself in trouble with the police. He was also exposed to the damage being done to people by drugs, experiencing firsthand the suffering of a family member who endured the effects of prescribed medications and barbaric treatments of the day. As a youngster, Lea was constantly in and out of trouble with the police until eventually, he received 8 months of complementary free accommodation, which became the catalyst for teenage Lea to change the direction of his life.

About the Speaker

Lea is someone who not only turned his life around but also got curious about why people got the results they did. He pursued this curiosity with passion, especially after being made redundant from his childhood dream job of working on oil rigs in the 1980s. Starting a career in the financial service industry, a chance meeting with Bob Patmore became the turning point. Lea’s introduction to personal development led him to share with those who ‘want to’ change different ways to get the results they desire.