Mark Williams & Lisa Davies

Two Parents with ADHD

10.45 – 11.30am


In recounting their personal experiences as parents diagnosed with ADHD in their early forties, Lisa and Mark delve into the multifaceted aspects of navigating parenthood with this condition. Their narrative intricately explores both the challenges and the positive aspects associated with being parents with ADHD. In particular, they shed light on the nuanced risk factors tied to postnatal anxiety and depression within this demographic.

Lisa and Mark draw upon their own journey, highlighting the complexities and triumphs that arise when managing ADHD as parents. Through their lived experiences, they offer insights into the unique hurdles they’ve encountered, as well as the strengths they’ve discovered within themselves as individuals and as a parenting team.

Beyond the personal narrative, Lisa and Mark leverage their professional expertise, sharing insights gained from their work with other parents navigating similar circumstances. Their presentation will be enriched by evidence and research, providing a broader understanding of the intersection between parental mental health and ADHD. This comprehensive approach aims to foster a deeper appreciation of the challenges faced by parents with ADHD, while also emphasising the resilience and adaptability that can be cultivated in the face of such circumstances.

About the Speakers

Lisa Davies brings two decades of dedicated experience working with parents, coupled with extensive expertise in the realm of neurodiversity. Her profound understanding is underlined by a recent publication delving into the nuanced risk factors associated with perinatal mental health and ADHD. Through her work and research, Lisa aims to contribute valuable insights to the intersection of neurodiversity and the challenges faced by parents during the perinatal period.

Mark Williams, a distinguished figure in the field, is an international campaigner, author, and keynote speaker. The founder of International Fathers Mental Health Day, Mark is also an ambassador for two prominent mother-centric charities. His advocacy extends to various media platforms, where he has shared his expertise on fathers’ mental health, making appearances on television and radio stations worldwide. Mark’s commitment to raising awareness and fostering dialogue around parental mental health reflects a global impact and a dedication to breaking down barriers in the discussion surrounding mental health and parenting.