Sid Madge

Let’s CHATT! Conversations Happening all The Time. Embracing the Power of Connection and AI

12.00 – 12.45pm


In a world driven by technology and marked by ever-increasing connectivity, we find ourselves at the nexus of two remarkable forces – the power of human connection and the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence. Join us for an insightful talk by Sid Madge as we explore ‘CHATT: Conversations Happening all The Time.’

In this session, Sid will delve into the importance of embracing our connections, not only with others but with ourselves. We’ll witness how AI serves as a catalyst for enhancing these connections and how it’s transforming the landscape of our personal and professional lives. Sid Madge will guide you through this fascinating journey, unveiling the synergies between the human spirit and the capabilities of AI.

He will showcase how, by fostering these connections, we can better our own lives and extend a helping hand to others. This talk promises to be a captivating exploration of the dynamic relationship between humanity and technology, reminding us of the tremendous impact we can have when we harness the power of connection and AI.

About the Speaker

Sid Madge, driven by a vision of a better world, founded Meee in 2015 after a profound encounter with young students. Together with a dedicated team, they’ve become pioneers of enduring positive change. Their mission is to inspire and cultivate innovative thinking in every individual. Meee aims to quietly revolutionise education, organisations, communities, and societies, fostering widespread transformation. Through audacious thinking and outrageous creativity, Meee leverages our most abundant resource, our minds, to unlock limitless potential for all.