Thriving Communities

The Science and Spirituality of Self-love

1.30 – 2.15pm


We can’t bring love to the world without embodying it for ourselves. Self-love creates an energy environment in which the mind, body and spirit thrive. Through self-love we break through the stranglehold of fear and make empowered choices to live a life of purpose, connection and inspiration.


Thriving Communities, a Communities Interest Company established in 2021, was set up with a bold mission of bringing love, purpose and a sense of belonging to communities in South Wales and with a vision to create happier, healthier and more empowered communities. Thriving Communities has 5 service pillars: 1) Mind & Body Wellness Programme (integrating yoga, mindfulness, meditation and powerful breathwork); 2) Wellbeing & Empowerment Workshops, 3) Spirit of Nature (activities to bring people together in nature to boost holistic health), 4) Happiness & Wellbeing Groups operating on the PERMAH model of Positive Psychology and 5) donation-based Counselling and Coaching Support Service.